Private Wealth Management


Teal Management is a privately-held family office based in London, UK. We provide bespoke wealth management services to our exclusive clientele, tailored to their specific needs and desires.


We believe in building partnerships and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients by making their best interests our top priority. This manifests in full transparency of every aspect of our activity and taking the time to discuss every decision, strategy, and report on all operations and transactions. We have the privilege of working with top advisors and researchers and want our clients to be able to acquire the knowledge we have compiled over the years that they find relevant to them. To this end, we educate our clients on the financial markets, products and methods that could prove beneficial to their specific circumstances.


In order to guarantee that our clients’ best interests are at the forefront during each consulting session, we vouch to remain an independent, private wealth management bureau. We are and will always be impartial to all financial institutions and recommend only the best, based on professional research and assessment.


Investment Management


We work with some of the most influential investors from all over the globe, each possessing complex portfolios that necessitate strategic planning and diligent monitoring. Each client is unique in their requirements for managing their investments, and we work rigorously to provide bespoke services for them to satisfy their exact needs.


Our investment managers manage your portfolio according to your set goal strategy. Our involvement enables you to maintain a balanced portfolio, consisting of medium-risk investments that span across multiple asset classes and types of securities. We look to create sustainable investment portfolios that yield high-returns over time.


Since inception, Teal has fostered a vast network of top-tier service providers, ready to execute and implement management tasks on your assets. We know the best contractors, construction workers, designers, administrators, etc., situated across the world. When choosing someone to build, guard, refurbish, redesign, administrate or any other operation that needs to be fulfilled, we only choose the best when it comes to our clients.


Wealth Management


At Teal Management, it is our privilege to safeguard, preserve and grow your wealth. Although this is our core activity, we never offer a one-size-fits-all set of services or solutions. Our talented wealth managers put a special focus on comprehending your objectives, desires and vision regarding your wealth, in both the short and the long-term. We want to understand the exact degree of each goal you wish to achieve with us, and tailor our offering accordingly, so that our solutions fit perfectly.


We work with prestigious families who have accumulated their wealth over generations, as well as high net-worth investors who have become leading players in their respective industries. Our clients necessitate encompassing services that address all aspects of their livelihood, as their wealth spans across assets, finances, investments, a high-maintenance lifestyle and more.


Our wealth management advisory includes bespoke services in every aspect regarding your wealth. Together, we will define your objectives, family values and how you wish to leave your legacy for future generations. We find a strategy that best suits these guidelines and construct an intricate wealth structure that adheres to this strategy. From then on, we manage your assets as agreed upon in the strategy, relieving you of the burdens that ensue from managing your wealth independently.



Asset Structuring


We provide first-rate advice on how to structure your assets to best achieve your investment goals. Prior to advisory, we define those goals together with you, through in-depth personal discussions. We take all possible aspects into account, including type of asset, place(s) of residency, and any specific requirements or circumstances you may have.


Once your goals have been defined, we are able to assist you with asset and stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of asset performance, which we deliver in detailed reports on a regular basis.


An additional element of our asset structuring service, includes market research conducted on your behalf. We scan the various sectors to which you are affiliated, or may wish to start investing, and unearth exciting opportunities that may compliment your portfolio. Our researchers are well-versed in updated investment regulations and market trends, allowing them to provide you with crucial insight that can significantly impact your annual revenue.


Financial Advisory


Teal Management’s leading finance team consists of advisors who possess extensive experience in family finance, as well as business finance in a diverse range of industries. Our consultants will work in conjunction with you to understand your current financial state and identify flaws and discrepancies in your financial activity.


We advise you on innovative solutions and changes you can make to improve the state of your finances, whether it be through tax planning, mitigating risks, or streamlining your financial operations. We help you implement the new processes and workflows, as well as providing top-notch professionals to carry out transactions and adjustments.


Our team is also equipped to advise you in cases of financial crises. If your business encounters serious concerns involving fraud, litigation or financial distress of any kind, we can help minimize the damage and face any challenge in the best way possible.






For inquiries of any kind, please contact us through the contact boxes found on this page.


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